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We are on a mission to make sure nobody ever feels isolated, lost or powerless in the face of existing or potential disease.

Healthcare Today

in 2030

World population affected by chronic diseases


Success of chronic disease management depends on the individual

ages 18-24

People rely on medical insights shared on social networks

The Big Vision

We are working to advance consumer-powered healthcare by crowdsourcing personal health data and medically-validated insights, applying AI to process them and providing highly personalized informational support on the medical, lifestyle and psychological aspects of living with chronic disease. Our mobile personal health assistant named Gali relies on collective intelligence to help people with chronic conditions proactively manage their health.

  • She relies on collective intelligence

    Gali is powered by advanced AI technology allowing her to process infinite amounts of chronic disease-related data and insights she collects and validates with the help of the global patient and medical communities. There is no limit to how much Gali can learn and the depth of her expertise means she can truly understand your condition. 

  • She empowers you on your health journey

    Gali records and analyzes your health-related data in realtime and knows as much as you want her to about your health journey. You are at the core of Gali’s existence and her guidance is tailored to your particular needs.

  • She rewards contributions

    Every participant on the Gali platform benefits: users feel better, contribute to the greater good, mine personal health data and monetize experience, doctors earn tokens for sharing medical knowledge and industry partners access a new, personalized marketplace.

interactive-support crowdsourcing varied-health-services continuous-evolution

Product Health Assistant

  • Interactive Support

    Gali uses an interactive news feed and natural language chat to provide immediate access to medically-validated information, symptom reviews and encouragement based on your Health Monitor updates or any specific question you ask 24/7.

  • Crowdsourcing

    Gali collects continuous lifestyle data and experiences in the form of health insights from millions of people who live with a chronic disease, as well as medical knowledge from doctors and other wellness professionals.

  • Contribution Rewards

    Gali awards tokens to all platform participants for sharing data and contributing personal insights or medical knowledge. Additional tokens are awarded throughout the content’s lifetime every time it is served and another user finds it helpful. Tokens can be spent on purchasing premium programs and services offered by the Gali personalized marketplace partners.

  • Continuous Evolution

    AI-based algorithms allow Gali to constantly learn from the most up-to-date, peer-reviewed medical publications and clinical guidelines alongside community-sourced data to synthesize and serve the most reliable and comprehensive health information.

Disease Models
Patient Health
Data Derived

Architecture AI & Data

Trusted Health Information

Trusted health information forms the foundation of Gali’s personalized support for every user. In her suggestions, Gali relies on validated information from the medical community, such as care and treatment guidelines and disease education, as well as health insights that represent actual patient experiences and recommendations. 

Patients sharing their experiences of dealing with various health challenges can provide real help and psychological support to others in similar situations. Gali collects these insights, implements a validation protocol and serves all users information that is especially relevant to them.


The Gali Brain (AI) makes sure that users are provided
information that is personalized and that is offered within the
right context. The AI is made up of three key components:

  • Gali Disease Models, which are based on disease treatment and care guidelines established by the medical community and enable her to understand the context of specific health conditions.
  • A Behavioral Model that helps her interact intelligently in response to various events, provide advice, educate or connect with relevant coaching programs or services.
  • The Deep Learning Layer, which ensures that Gali constantly processes new information and gets smarter with time.

Who We Are

Gali Health, Inc. is a San Francisco-based consumer-focused health technology company. The Gali team works at the crossroads of medicine and psychology, technology and AI, social engineering, education and media. We are doctors and clinicians, scientists, consumer product specialists, designers and engineers all with a personal stake in what we do. We believe that on-demand access to relevant and valid medical information is not a privilege, but a right, in the power of community to illuminate our health journeys and in letting users decide what to do with their data.

Our Values


Facts, relevance and timing.


Utility and real value.


It hasn’t been done.


No man is an island.

Gali Team

Ilya Kupershmidt

Founder & CEO
Illumina, NextBio, Agilent

A serial life science entrepreneur and challenge-driven leader.

David Goodman

Chief Medical Officer
Harvard Medical School, Nellcore 

Engineer, doctor, maker. A digital health expert and health technology pioneer.

Yulie Klerman

Head of Business Development
Philips Healthcare, Mazor Robotics, Alma Lasers

A passionate business strategist and healthcare futurist.

Anatoly Volovik

Head of Product Management
Gett, SpeedDate, SFAA

A seasoned product expert and devoted consumer advocate.

Arielle Radin

Director, Clinical Research
UCLA, NYU, Columbia

A rigorous clinical researcher and mind-body enthusiast.

Anna Arutiunova

Head of Content Strategy
Aurora Prize, Foreign Policy, Google

A digital publishing strategist and editorial mastermind.

Stas Udotov

Head of Design
D/Workz Interactive

A passionate, creative leader.

Engineering Team

Five dedicated staff

A team with technical expertise ranging from blockchain to UI, mobile and analytics.

Gali Advisors

Dr. Sid Sinha, MD

Gastroenterology, Global Health
Stanford, UCSF, Harvard

Andrew Rabinovich, PhD

AI & Deep Learning
Magic Leap, Google, UCSD

Jenna Benn Shersher

Patient Advocacy
Twist Out Cancer

Irina Strigo, PhD

Medical Psychology
UCSF, Columbia

We Collaborate with

Gali Health is expanding collaborations with leading medical centers and companies in the biomedical sphere.


Gali Health is currently designing clinical studies with Stanford Hospital medical staff to monitor the impact using Gali has on the health of people with chronic diseases.


We are working with UCSF to design clinical studies that monitor Gali’s impact on patients with chronic pain, stress and mental health-related conditions.

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