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We are on a mission to make sure nobody ever feels isolated, lost or powerless in the face of existing or potential disease.

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Gali is currently available for people with IBD aged 18 and over. The app is free and runs on iPhone models 6 and above. Android version is coming soon, so please sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date!

Health Content Feed Personalized Health Management Interactive Support Community Knowledge Contribution Rewards

Product Health Assistant

  • Health Content Feed

    Advanced AI-based algorithms allow Gali to create a highly personalized feed of helpful, timely and relevant health-related content, including user-generated insights and curated online resources, standard clinical care guidelines, educational and lifestyle tips and more.

  • Personalized Health Management

    Gali records and analyzes comprehensive information about your health and lifestyle through a combination of daily self-reporting, natural language chat and various health surveys. She allows you to sync your wearable devices and Apple Health data to help her learn more about your individual health needs. You can tell Gali as much as you want about your health journey and every new piece of information allows her to further personalize her support. She also regularly creates actionable reports that you can use to manage your illness and share with your care team.

  • Interactive Support

    Gali uses natural language chat to speak with you about your condition and provide encouragement, learn more about your needs and experiences and answer any health-related question you ask her.


  • Community Knowledge

    Gali collects medical knowledge from doctors and other wellness professionals and constantly learns from the most up-to-date, peer-reviewed medical publications and clinical guidelines. She also appreciates the expertise that every person brings to their chronic illness treatment and care. She relies on collective intelligence by gathering health experiences from millions of people in the form of blogs, videos and articles. Along with these user-created insights, Gali community members can share everyday resources they find helpful to managing their conditions. Medical professionals validate these insights to ensure that Gali delivers the most reliable and comprehensive health information.

  • Contribution Rewards

    Gali awards points to all platform participants for sharing data and contributing personal insights and medical knowledge. Most frequent contributors with the highest quality content earn the most Gali points, which can be redeemed for tangible rewards.

How Gali Works

  • Community health insights

  • User’s health info

    • Lifestyle & behavior
    • Health history
    • Wearables
  • Personalized Health Feed

    • Health management & analytics
    • Actionable insights
    • Integrative support
Gali Mind (AI)


  • Health experience
  • Management approaches
  • Tips and tricks


  • Care & treatment guidelines
  • Insights
  • Latest research

To learn more about how Gali works, please visit our Help Center.

Gali Ambassador Program

The Gali Health Ambassador Program focuses on inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and ensures that the IBD community is directly involved in Gali’s design and development. Our ambassadors provide feedback, guidance and leadership within the Gali user community.


Want to join us?

If you’d like to become a Gali Health Ambassador, please contact Director of Clinical Programs Kayla Kraich.

Who We Are

Gali Health, Inc. is a San Francisco-based consumer-focused health technology company. The Gali team works at the crossroads of medicine and psychology, technology and AI, social engineering, education and media. We are doctors and clinicians, scientists, consumer product specialists, designers and engineers all with a personal stake in what we do. We believe that on-demand access to relevant and valid medical information is not a privilege, but a right, in the power of community to illuminate our health journeys and in letting users decide what to do with their data.

Our Vision

We are working to develop personalized medicine solutions for individuals afflicted by a variety of chronic conditions. Our approach combines Gali, an AI-based personalized health assistant that helps people proactively manage their health, and our “Healthomes” platform for diagnostic and therapeutic discovery based on the analysis of population-level health, lifestyle and genomic information.

Our Values


Facts, relevance and timing


Utility and real value


It hasn’t been done


No man is an island

Find us at TechSpace in San Francisco!

Gali Health, Inc.
77 Geary Street, 5th floor, San Francisco, CA 94108
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Gali Core Team

Ilya Kupershmidt Ilya Kupershmidt

Founder & CEO
Illumina, NextBio, Agilent

A serial life science entrepreneur and challenge-driven leader.

Anatoly Volovik Anatoly Volovik

Head of Product Management
Gett, SpeedDate, SFAA

A seasoned product expert and devoted consumer advocate.

Anna Arutiunova Anna Arutiunova

Head of Communications
Aurora Prize, Foreign Policy, Google

Guardian of the brand voice and creative storyteller.

Kayla Kraich, PsyD Kayla Kraich, PsyD

Director, Clinical Programs
Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, UC Davis Medical Center, Loma Linda University

Behavioral health expert helping to develop tech for people with chronic conditions.

Arielle Radin Arielle Radin

Director, Clinical Research
UCLA, NYU, Columbia

A rigorous clinical researcher and mind-body enthusiast.

Meredith Mangold Meredith Mangold

Lead Patient Advocate
Georgetown University, One Medical Group, Virginia Hospital Center

An empowered chronic illness advocate and professional patient.

Tiffany Jordan Tiffany Jordan

Senior Manager, Health Programs
Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, National MS Society, UCLA

A passionate patient advocate and believer in the power of connection.

Stas Udotov Stas Udotov

Head of Design
D/Workz Interactive

A passionate, creative leader.

Engineering Team

Five dedicated staff

A team with technical expertise ranging from data security to UI, mobile and analytics.

Gali Advisors

Dr. Sid Sinha, <em>MD</em> Dr. Sid Sinha, MD

Gastroenterology, Global Health
Assistant Professor, Stanford

Andrew Rabinovich, <em>PhD</em> Andrew Rabinovich, PhD

AI & Deep Learning
Head of AI, Magic Leap

Jenna Benn Shersher Jenna Benn Shersher

Patient Advocacy
Founder, CEO, Twistout Cancer

Irina Strigo, <em>PhD</em> Irina Strigo, PhD

Medical Psychology
Associate Professor, UCSF

Andrew DiMichele Andrew DiMichele

Digital Health, Technology
Cofounder of Omada Health, Columbia

We Collaborate with

Gali Health is expanding collaborations with leading medical centers and companies in the biomedical sphere.


Gali Health is currently designing clinical studies with Stanford Hospital medical staff to monitor the impact using Gali has on the health of people with chronic diseases.


We are working with UCSF to design clinical studies that monitor Gali’s impact on patients with chronic pain, stress and mental health-related conditions.

Our Investors

Gali Health is supported by prominent health, biotech and consumer investors including individuals such as Robert Nelsen and Mostafa Ronaghi as well as institutional VC firms.

  • Felicis
  • Plug-n-Play
  • Bold
  • Civilization
  • SmartHub
  • Centregold
  • Felicis
  • SmartHub
  • Civilization
  • Bold
  • Plug-n-Play
  • Centregold

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