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We are on a mission to make sure nobody ever feels isolated, lost or powerless in the face of existing or potential disease.

Hi, I’m Gali!

I’m here to help with your IBD.

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Managing inflammatory bowel disease on your own can be overwhelming. Gali is a well-informed mobile friend and personal health guide who helps you learn about, track and proactively manage your Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. You don’t have to IBD alone.

Gali Ambassador Program

The Gali Health Ambassador Program focuses on inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and ensures that the IBD community is directly involved in Gali’s design and development. Our ambassadors provide feedback, guidance and leadership within the Gali user community.


Want to join us?

If you’d like to become a Gali Health Ambassador, please contact Director of Clinical Programs Kayla Kraich.

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Gali Health, Inc. is a San Francisco-based precision medicine company. We are working to develop personalized medicine solutions for individuals afflicted by a variety of chronic conditions. Our approach combines Gali, an AI-based digital friend that helps people proactively manage their health, and our “Healthomics” platform for developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic products based on the population-scale analysis of health, lifestyle and genomic information.

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