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We are on a mission to make sure nobody ever feels isolated, lost or powerless in the face of existing or potential disease.

Gali Healthomics Platform

A Digital Friend for Your Health Journey
Providing a mobile digital friend to help you manage your disease
A Community of Patients Like You
Offering support and information from other patients with similar experience
Cutting-Edge Analysis of Collective Data
AI analysis of multiple types of genomics and health data collected in partnership with the Gali community
Precise Diagnosis and Treatment
Developing biomarkers to arm physicians with tests to precisely classify, monitor and treat your disease

Gali: Digital Friend

Gali is a well-informed friend and personal health guide mobile app that helps you learn about, track and proactively manage your Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

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Precision Medicine

The human body operates through an intricate interplay between genetic, lifestyle, environmental, microbial and other factors that jointly contribute to how people experience IBD and respond to treatment. Our goal is to determine what contributes to individual variability with the help of big data analytics and sequencing technology.
We are carrying out population-level studies with the help of the Gali community by collecting, sequencing and analyzing biological samples and combining the results with clinical and lifestyle data obtained through the Gali app. The unique insights we extract from this data are then used to develop better and more precise ways to care for IBD (and other chronic conditions in the future).
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IBD Footprints

A research study effort by the Gali IBD community to advance personalized medicine solutions for people living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

We know everyone has a different experience with IBD every day. That’s why we are setting out to find a better treatment that will work for your specific Crohn’s or colitis. We believe that studying your genome and microbiome, together with your symptoms and lifestyle choices over an extended period of time, will help to bring us closer to our goal. Even though this hasn’t been done before, we think it will work.

IBD is different for everyone, so the more people we study, the more likely we are to discover new, meaningful connections. As part of this study, we are collecting both biological samples (stool and saliva) and digital lifestyle and health data from some 10,000 people.
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AboutGali Health

Gali Health, Inc. is a San Francisco-based precision medicine company. We are working to develop personalized medicine solutions for individuals afflicted by a variety of chronic conditions. Our approach combines Gali, an AI-based personalized health assistant that helps people proactively

manage their health, and our “Healthomes” platform for diagnostic and therapeutic discovery based on the analysis of population-level health, lifestyle and genomic information.
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