Gali Health Launches Precision Medicine Research Initiative for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Gali Health Launches Intelligent Personal Health Assistant

SAN FRANCISCO, April 15, 2019 – Gali Health, a precision medicine company working to develop personalized medicine solutions across chronic disease verticals, is calling for people affected by inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) to participate in the first round of its IBD Footprints clinical research study. The study is an effort by the Gali IBD community to advance personalized diagnostics and treatments for people living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Participants must be diagnosed with IBD and be over 18 years old, have access to an iPhone, and live in the United States.

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As part of the IBD Footprints study, Gali Health will collect multiple stool and saliva samples and continuous digital health and lifestyle data from thousands of people over the span of one year. This large-scale approach will allow for unprecedented granularity that will lead to a better understanding of the individual differences within this complex disease. The study will take place in phases with the first phase recruiting hundreds of participants. 

The study aims to create the most comprehensive “healthomic” dataset that integrates clinical, lifestyle, genomic, and other biological information collected over time, which will lay the foundation for developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic programs. Gali Health will leverage state-of-the-art technologies for monitoring participants’ health, sample biobanking and processing as well as next-generation sequencing to conduct this study. Participants will receive specialized digital health reports in the Gali Health app outlining changes in health, lifestyle and biological markers (such as microbiome composition) over time. 

“A personalized medicine approach has already proven efficacious in cancer patients and the Gali team is uniquely positioned to undertake this unprecedented research to advance similar efforts in the field of IBD,” says Mamatha Shekar, Ph.D., the head of genome sciences at Gali Health. The IBD Footprints study is part of Gali Health’s greater effort to understand disease diversity and develop personalized diagnostic products and therapies for people living with IBD and with other chronic conditions.

About Gali Health

Gali Health, Inc. is a San Francisco-based precision medicine company. We are working to develop personalized medicine solutions for individuals afflicted by a variety of chronic conditions. Our approach combines Gali, an AI-based personalized health assistant that helps people proactively manage their health, and our “Healthomes” platform for diagnostic and therapeutic discovery based on the analysis of population-level health, lifestyle and genomic information.

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Arielle Radin, Gali Health
Director of Clinical Research