Gali IBD Community

We are patients, medical professionals and researchers united in our mission to empower Gali to be a true friend to people with IBD while we look for a cure.

Gali Community Events


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How to get involved in the Gali community

Speak your mind

Ask questions, share your thoughts and otherwise engage with people in the Gali IBD community through the app’s community feed feature

  • Meet others in the Gali IBD community, ask IBD or non-IBD related questions and share your experiences with people who get it
  • If you are in remission, actively support others going through a flare
  • Attend, participate or tune in to Gali community events, such as Q&As with docs, research round-tables, etc.
  • Access unique content created by IBD advocated exclusively for the Gali app: “Man Up with IBD” and “CHRONIC” podcast series, nutrition tips and recipes, etc

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Pitch in

Share your health insights and experiences to help others navigate IBD and take advantage of Gali’s Community Reward Program

How it works:

You submit a post or insight


Goes through Gali's vetting process


Gets added to Gali's IBD knowledge base


Shows up in others' feeds when they need it

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Join Gali’s Ambassador Program

The Gali Health Ambassador Program ensures that the IBD community is directly involved in Gali’s design and development. Our ambassadors provide feedback, guidance and leadership within the Gali user community.

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Contribute to science

Participate in Gali’s IBD Footprints Research Program

The IBD Footprints Research Program is an effort by the Gali IBD community to advance personalized medicine solutions for people living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.


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A friend for your IBD journey