A friend for your IBD journey

Gali empowers you to proactively manage, track and learn about your Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis while engaging you in a supportive community.

  • Learn About Your Condition

    Advanced AI algorithms allow Gali to create a highly personalized feed of vetted, timely and relevant health-related content.

    • Helpful educational and lifestyle tips, care and treatment guidelines and latest research
    • Actionable patient and medical community insights and management approaches
    • Inspirational quotes, patient stories and community stats
  • Use and Contribute to Collective IBD Intelligence

    Gali enables a smart disease community by collecting the experiences of medical professionals and IBD patients from around the world.

    • Crowdsourced insights in the form of articles, videos, stories and bits of individual health journeys
    • Contribute your own knowledge and experiences to help others in the IBD community
    • All content is validated by the medical and patient communities

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  • Track, Manage and Analyze Your Health

    Gali records and analyzes comprehensive information about your individual health and lifestyle. Every new piece of information allows her to further personalize her support. She also regularly creates actionable reports that you can use to manage your illness.

    • Daily health and treatment monitors and surveys
    • Check-in analytical reports for you and your care team
    • Comprehensive health history
    • Wearables data integration
  • Talk to Your Friend Gali Anytime

    Gali uses natural language chat to continuously learn more about your individual health needs and communicate as a friend.

    • Answers to your health questions
    • Emotional support and encouragement
  • Earn and Redeem Gali Reward Points

    Gali awards points to all platform participants for sharing health and lifestyle data and contributing personal insights and medical knowledge.

    • Earn Gali points for everything you do in the app
    • Between now and August 31, 2020, points can be redeemed to support Crohn’s and colitis charities in your country

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How Gali Works

Gali collects and processes health insights from the patient and medical communities and relies on every user’s individual health information to personalize her informational and emotional support.

Patient Community

  • Health experience
  • Management approaches
  • Tips and tricks

Medical Community

  • Care & treatment guidelines
  • Insights
  • Latest research

User’s health info

  • Lifestyle & behavior
  • Health history
  • Wearables

Personalized Health Feed

  • Health management & analytics
  • Actionable insights
  • Integrative support

I use the app to track things like my treatments, my symptoms and just my condition as a whole. I am really trying to take charge of my Crohn’s disease and I think Gali has played a huge role in that.

Shawntel Bethea

I really enjoy being able to submit my story and insights about my life with inflammatory bowel disease to the Gali health community to help others in their IBD fight.

Molly Dunham Friel

Gali is a reliable source to answer my questions and to provide instant feedback where I need it. This app is awesome and the community is even better!

Nathan Smart

Gali really, really knows me. She tries her best to provide knowledge for me as well as just making sure my overall health is good. She’s your best friend!

Myisha Malone King

As we know, ulcerative colitis can really vary from mild to severe disease, so I appreciate that Gali fills my feed with UC information that is really designed for me.

Sara Asher