Gali In-App Rewards Program

We are excited to introduce the first point redemption opportunity of the Gali in-app Rewards Program!

Gali points can be redeemed to support Crohn’s and Colitis charities in your country. For every 1,500 points you redeem, Gali Health will make a $10 donation to one of the following IBD-focused non-profits:

How do I redeem my rewards?

Simply send a chat to Gali letting her know how many points you would like to redeem and which of the above charities you would like the donation to go to. She will handle the rest.


About Gali Rewards

How does the Gali Rewards Program work?

You receive Gali Points for several different actions in the app, like monitoring your health and adding to Gali’s content resources. You can check out your Gali Points counter in the profile section!

Gali Points are split into Pending and Actual Gali Points. Pending Gali Points are awarded during the content review process after you have submitted an insight. Actual Gali Points reflect completed health monitoring and approved insights. It may take up to two weeks for submitted content to be reflected in your Actual Gali Points.


What gets rewarded?

Monitoring your health

  • Health monitor – 5 Gali points
  • Treatment monitor – 5 Gali points
  • Health survey – 10 Gali points

Community referrals

  • Inviter (per registered user) – 500 Gali points
  • Invitee (registration via inviter’s link) – 500 Gali points

Submitting insights

  • Imported (article, audio, video, image) – 50 Gali points
  • Original text (typically less than 350 words) – 100 Gali points
  • Original image* – 100 Gali points
  • Original video (high quality: easy to hear and see)* – 500 Gali points
  • Original audio* – 500 Gali points
  • Original article (typically more than 500+ words)* – 1000 Gali points

*URLs to personal social media, blog, or vlog may be necessary and/or accepted.


What will my points be worth in the future?

The Gali Rewards Program will allow you to redeem your points for new opportunities throughout the year. Our team is working diligently on future reward opportunities and we will announce them as they become available!