About Gali Health

We are on a mission to make sure nobody ever feels isolated, lost or powerless in the face of existing or potential disease.

Who are the people behind Gali Health?

The Gali Health team has first-hand experience in launching new ventures in biotech and genomics, creating consumer products and mobile applications, providing medical care, conducting clinical research, patient advocacy, and building engaged communities. Most of the team lives with at least one chronic condition and Gali Health works alongside IBD advocates to develop and design a product that truly meets the needs of the IBD community. For more information, please view the individual team member profiles on our homepage.

Where does Gali Health get funding?

Funding for Gali Health comes from a wide variety of institutional and private investors in biotech, consumer products and genomics. For more information, please read our press release.

Does Gali Health partner with any organization?

Gali Health currently partners with non-profit organizations and medical centers, including Stanford, University of California San Francisco, the Northern California Chapter of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation and IBDMoms. In the future, Gali Health hopes to continue to partner with IBD community leaders to further personalized medicine.

How does Gali Health plan to make money?

In the future, Gali Health plans to partner with medical providers, researchers and companies working to advance IBD treatment. These partnerships will be a source of revenue for Gali Health.

How do I contact the Gali Health team?

To contact the Gali Health team, send us an email to info@galihealth.com or a message through the “Contact Us” form on our website.

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