Want to join the Gali community? Here’s some information on our Ambassador Program and how you can connect with others.

What is the Gali community?

IBD can suck. We get that. We are patients, medical professionals, and researchers united in our mission to empower Gali to be a true friend to people with IBD while we look for a cure. Gali is dedicated to helping others thrive, and by learning from her community she becomes a unique personal support system designed by those who know IBD best. Learn more about the Gali Community on our community landing page.

What is the Gali community feed feature?

Our new in-app community feature is now available to all Gali users on the iOS platform! This interactive community feed allows you to connect with others who “get it” in a safe and supportive environment. Go ahead: ask questions, share experiences, talk all things IBD-related (or not!) and just be yourself. We also have a lot of exclusive, fantastic content created by influential people with IBD in store for this feed, so stay tuned.

  • Meet others in the Gali IBD community, ask IBD or non-IBD related questions, and share your experiences with people who get it.
  • If you are in remission, actively support others going through a flare.
  • Access unique content created by famous people with IBD exclusively for the Gali app, such as the “Man Up with IBD” podcast and the “Sh*ts & Giggles” YouTube series, nutrition tips and recipes, etc.

How else can I contribute to the Gali community?

You can contribute by participating in Gali’s IBD Footprints Research Program. The IBD Footprints Research Program is an effort by the Gali IBD community to advance personalized medicine solutions for people living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Learn more about the program.

You can also submit your insights, so other people can learn from your experience, and comment on articles that Gali sends to your feed. Learn more about ways to submit an insight.

Are there any events I can attend as a Gali community member?

We regularly put on a variety of events for the Gali community, such as Q&As with doctors, round-table discussions, social media takeovers, masterclasses, and patient conversations. You can participate in any number of them through the Gali app or on the Gali Health social media channels. For a list of upcoming and past events, please check out the Gali Community Page.

What is the Gali Ambassador Program?

The Gali Ambassador Program was created to provide thought leaders and patient advocates in the IBD community a voice in Gali’s design and evolution. As patient experience experts, Ambassadors have the knowledge and understanding of how an app for IBD management can be most useful to others in the community. This program brings together individuals with a diverse set of IBD experiences to provide feedback, guidance on product design, and leadership within the Gali user community. Visit our Ambassador Program page to learn more.  If you’re interested in becoming a Gali Ambassador, check out our application form!

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