Want to join the Gali community? Here’s some information on our Ambassador Program and how you can connect with others.

What is the Gali community?

IBD can suck. We get that. We are patients, medical professionals and researchers united in our mission to empower Gali to be a true friend to people with IBD. Gali is dedicated to helping others thrive, and by learning from her community she becomes a unique personal support system designed by those who know IBD best. You can join our community by:
a. Using Gali! Your input contributes to making her smarter for everyone.
b. Submitting your insights, so other people can learn from your experience.
c. Joining our Ambassador Program.
d. Following our social media channels and participating in our events, like Q&As with doctors.
e. Commenting on the articles Gali shares when that feature becomes available.

What is the Gali Ambassador Program?

The Gali Ambassador Program was created to provide thought leaders and patient advocates in the IBD community a voice in Gali’s design and evolution. As patient experience experts, Ambassadors have the knowledge and understanding of how an app for IBD management can be most useful to others in the community. This program brings together individuals with a diverse set of IBD experiences to provide feedback, guidance on product design and leadership within the Gali user community.

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