What is an insight?

An insight is IBD-related information or a personal experience that is educational, actionable and/or reassuring to the IBD community. What information has helped you along the way and what experiences have you had that you can share with others to improve their quality of life?

Types of insights

An original insight is one you create, so it originates with you. This insight can be a short text, an article, audio, video, or image. Think of an IBD experience, story, or helpful tip you have collected along the way and share this with other Gali community members. Original insights should discuss how the information can help others or create a sense of hope along the way.

Do you know an informative resource that has helped you learn about and cope with your IBD? An imported insight was created by someone else that you found useful and want to share with other Gali community members. This insight can be an article, audio, video, or image. Include the content’s URL with a short description of what it is about and why it is helpful to others.

Insight categories

Education Tip
Education tips can come from the IBD or medical communities and help to further one’s understanding of IBD or overall health.

Lifestyle Tip
Lifestyle tips are insights that help with everyday life experiences. Living with a chronic condition can be difficult and these insights help people navigate their day to day.

Community Insight
A Community Insight is information or a personal experience that provides actionable support to the Gali community. Share things like your tips for a better infusion appointment, how you cope with stress, or a personal story from your IBD journey.

Belly laughs
Laughter can be healing! Share jokes, memes or other forms of humor with me so I can brighten up the day of others in the IBD community.

What makes a good insight?

  1. Credible source- Ensure information you submit comes from a credible place. With all the misguided information on the Internet, it’s important for me to share high quality knowledge with others.
  2. IBD or chronic illness related content- It doesn’t necessarily mean your content won’t be approved if not related but I prefer content that I can personalize to someone’s illness experience.
  3. Information backed by research- This doesn’t apply to all insights like personal experiences or stories, but informational insights based on research are most likely to be approved through my rigorous vetting process.
  4. Neutral- Everyone with IBD is different. Something that works for you may not work for others. Share information in a way that allows people to make informed choices that are best for their personal illness journey.
  5. Easy to understand and accessible to all- IBD is a 569.42! Enough said.
  6. Note how the insight is useful to others in the Gali community.



  1. Articles from pharma websites
  2. Single product or company promotions- multiple product or company recommendations ok
  3. Original research articles
  4. Outrageous claims or “cures”
  5. Articles that require a subscription to access
  6. Copying ANY portion of someone else’s work