Gali Health Announces Limited Access Program

IBD advocates work with Gali to design personalized disease management platform

SAN FRANCISCO, April 2, 2019 – Gali Health is excited to announce the official launch of the Gali Ambassador Limited Access Program focusing on inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). The program ensures that the IBD community is directly involved in Gali’s development by bringing together individuals who have various experience with IBD to be Gali Ambassadors. Over the next few months, the Gali Ambassadors will help to design and improve Gali’s personalized IBD management platform.

The Limited Access Program was created to provide thought leaders and patient advocates in the IBD community a voice in Gali’s development. Having first-hand experience with IBD means this community is best positioned to understand the different ways in which the Gali personalized platform can be of assistance in every person’s health journey. Gali Ambassadors will use the Gali app regularly to manage their IBD and provide scheduled feedback on various product features, as well as guidance on content development and leadership within the Gali user community.

“We are grateful for our Ambassadors’ support and willingness to help us develop Gali into a knowledgeable, indispensable companion for people with chronic diseases. Partnering with the patient and medical communities is crucial to building a platform that is powered by collective intelligence,” says Gali Health CEO and Founder Ilya Kupershmidt.

Gali Health is fortunate to work with prominent advocates and people with IBD including Amanda Gildersleeve, Molly Dunham-Friel, Cindy Coelho, Myisha King, Nate Smart, Nikki Patel, Sari Guerrieri, Shawntel Bethea and Stephanie Rotchford, among others. “Inflammatory bowel diseases are complex autoimmune diseases needing physical, mental and social care that must intertwine for optimal health — and at Gali Health we can achieve this for new and veteran IBD patients alike,” says Gali Ambassador Sara Asher, who has had ulcerative colitis since 2014. “Partnering with Gali Health is truly the icing on the cake. I’m passionate about filling the Internet with stories of hope for
‘spoonies’ like me, and Gali is a powerful platform to share education and sensible chuckles,” adds Jenna Elam, a Gali Ambassador and author of The Comical Colon blog who was also diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2014. For more information about Gali Ambassadors, please click here.

The Limited Access Program will last for approximately two months but Ambassadors will continue to play a central role in Gali’s development long after the program concludes. The program will be followed by the Gali health platform launch to a broader initial group of users.

For more information about the program please contact Director of Clinical Programs Kayla Kraich at

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