Precision Medicine


Multifactorial Characterization of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)

Multiple factors contribute to the development and progression of IBD and other autoimmune conditions. The heterogeneity and dynamic nature of IBD make it challenging to predict disease cycles, prognosis, and severity.

Gali Health is partnering with the IBD patient community in implementing a large-scale research program that will help to pinpoint the molecular, health, and environmental factors impacting IBD diagnosis and progression (IBD Footprints Study Program).


Gali Healthomics Technology

Onboarding the IBD patient community onto Gali’s unique Healthomics platform allows Gali Health to longitudinally monitor disease activity in a diverse and heterogeneous global patient population. The Gali Healthomics Platform is comprised of mobile digital health and lifestyle coaching and monitoring technology that integrates non-invasive “self” collected biosample capabilities. 

Gali Health’s proprietary platform for downstream sample processing and analysis allows us to capture high-quality multiomics data at an unprecedented scale and resolution. This integrated, multi-omic approach enables the company to develop next-generation diagnostics and therapeutics for complex, multi-factorial conditions such as IBD. 

Active Programs

Diagnostics and Biomarker Development

Gali Health’s multiomics approach allows us to characterize transcriptome, immune repertoire, and microbiome signatures associated with individual disease progression, flare-up patterns, and response to treatment. 

The generation of longitudinal population-scale data creates unique opportunities for novel biomarker discovery and development. Our initial diagnostic program focuses on improving  treatment decisions for newly diagnosed patients and monitoring disease progression in patients with a history of IBD.


Gali Health is seeking to form new partnerships to expand the use of our Healthomics platform and accelerate development of diagnostics and targeted therapies.

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Gali: Realizing the Potential of Precision Medicine for Better Treatment and Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

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