Q&A with Robert Lerrigo, MD

Gastroenterologist and IBD Specialist

Everyone experiences IBD differently. Navigating life with IBD is hard. We’re familiar with the stress of doing research and finding reliable answers, or not knowing which questions to ask the gastroenterologist in the short time the doctor is in the room. Gali’s here to help.

The Gali team booked two hours with IBD specialist Dr. Robert Lerrigo, chief gastroenterology fellow at Stanford Health Care in California, and asked him the most pressing questions that our Ambassadors and social media followers have about IBD. Here are some of his comprehensive and thoughtful answers:

And many, many more, including whether it’s possible to have Crohn’s and UC at the same time, how to combat chronic fatigue and treat abdominal pain, how much blood in your stool is too much, the long-term effects of steroids and biologics and whether gut microbiome testing is any good.

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